OROZ and Amir Recycling Industries collaborate in one of the most important spheres of ecology and our personal lives - green waste collection and treatment.  We provide you and the Israeli municipalities with a varied set of crane services using our company’s unique fleet of hooklift trucks.

Our state-of-the-art fleet will provide you with many benefits:

  • Efficient, timesaving and professional work
  •  Minimal traffic disturbance during work
  • Technology and monitoring systems, such as cameras, to improve security during work and continual real-time vehicle management and control of the vehicle.

Before we look at the positives of recycling green waste, it is worth understanding exactly what green waste is.

Green waste is a general concept to describe pruned trimmings, leaves, and grass.  green waste is mainly created in three main areas - municipal, public, and rural, inter alia, when bushes and trees, orchards, forests, and nature reserves are pruned, whether for safety and beautification, or to prevent growth and flowering.

Generally, the pruned thick branches are used for fires or to make charcoal.  At the same time, the lighter green waste, such as leaves and twigs, remain and accumulate.  In Israel alone, more than 600,000 tons of green waste are accumulated annually.

To collect and dispose of this accumulated green waste, it is customary to burn or bury it at landfills.  These methods are problematic since there is no room left to bury green waste and burning it is likely to damage the ozone layer and create significant air pollution.  Therefore, green waste recycling is absolutely essential.

Precisely because of the major risk from improper treatment of green waste and its related hazard, we place great attention on the subject and have many resources at numerous locations nationwide to collecting the green waste and preventing ecological damage.  Our designated trucks use specially designed hoists to collect the green waste.  The green waste is removed to the transfer station, where it is sorted by size and type.  From there, it is sent to a designated shredding plant, from which the tree trunks and branches leave as crushed green waste.  From this point forward, the cut green waste serves as covering material for public and private parks, padding for barns, green energy, fertilizer, heating, compost and so on. 

How green waste recycling can help us

Through green waste recycling, we can turn the cumulative green waste into other essential materials, too many to mention.  First, the recycling of green waste can be extremely helpful for agriculture.  When we cut the green waste to 2.5 cm, it can be used to cover agricultural floors, which prevents the growth of weeds, reduces evaporation, and help till the soil.  What is more, recycling of green waste can also greatly help animals.  Cut the finely, it can be used as a substitute for straw and sawdust.  By utilizing recycled green waste, we can produce compost, an organic fertilizer; compost produced from green waste can double the crop yield.  This compost makes it possible to fertilize soil and help nurture our orchards and parks in a more environmentally friendly way.

Moreover, the recycling of green waste can also contribute to industry, through energy production and the manufacture of plywood.  When we cut green waste into branches of 1.5 meters, without leaves, they can be sent to plywood plants (Formica) and prevent the additional cutting of trees.  What is more, green waste can be turned into real energy, by cutting the branches to 15 cm. in length and drying them for fuel.

Now that we have mentioned so many advantages, what remains for you and for us is to do one thing for your welfare and safety, which is to place your green waste in a designated container so that we continue enjoying clean air.