Welcome! We are going to show you what we do and tell you about our industry which is the spearhead of the collection and treatment of waste in our country, and not only that...

During the years that OROZ has been in business and as part of its development, a subsidiary company by the name of Amir Recycling Industries has been established.  Amir specializes in innovative technology solutions.  Amir is responsible for the development and promotion of the two companies in general, and the human factor in particular, through ISO 9000 compliant constant development and improvement.  Amir Recycling Industries' contribution is essential to protect the environment and prevent uncontrolled waste dispersal, groundwater contamination from seepage, and air pollution caused by the illegal burning of waste.  This efficient process has created a number of clear directions in which the two companies converge to offer expertise, and optimal solutions for quality of service and quality of the process and finished product.

Our current main themes

Waste collection and transportation

Waste is an unavoidable product of modern society and the growing population and improved standard of living, which result in waste from the products that we consume.

Establishment of special wastes sorting plants

Establishment of special waste sorting plants:
The Amir Recycling Industries plant at Kfar Kana
The waste sorting and treatment facility at Kiryat Bialik
The 2000 compost plant, our main factory for the recycling of household waste, as well as compost production for Haifa's and the Krayot's municipal area.

Establishment of recycling plants and compost production

Our Company’s DNA is simple, yet wonderful. We will lead the waste removal and recycling industry in Israel, with a different marketing approach, where service and technological innovation create an end-product of the highest possible quality.

Establishment of a logistics and professional setup

Establishment of a logistics and professional setup that can offer service to create alternative plants, compactor trucks, special metalwork and infrastructure development

OROZ provides compactor services that include the removal of domestic waste, and wet and dry waste for a range of authorities, municipalities, local councils, and private and government companies.

A fleet of modern trucks with strictest standards innovative technology undertake the waste removal services. We sort the waste into its different elements as we collect it! Efficiency and innovation will always be at the forefront for us, but above all, we see ensuring strict work procedures, environmental protection, and clean and tidy domestic surroundings as paramount values.

The Amir Recycling Industries plant at Kfar Kana

Amir is one of the most efficient plants in Israel, boasting modern plants and German technology, which recycles more than 65% of 180,000 tons of mixed domestic, industrial, and yard waste yearly.

The waste sorting and treatment plant at Kiryat Bialik

In 2013, we began a massive upgrade for the waste transfer and sorting station in the Kiryat Bialik Industrial Zone. OROZ and Amir Recycling Industries joined forces and, within a short time, created one of the most advanced sorting and transit stations, not just in Israel, but in the world.

Compost production and treatment plant

We are aware of the importance of compost. Until a few years ago, few people understood the importance of organic recycling. Today, the entire Israeli population is aware of the need for a clean ecology.

The welding workshop at Ramat David

Apart from the self-evident in-house solution for which the Ramat David welding workshop was established, its excellent results created an external need for the company's products. For this reason, the workshop is being upgraded into a large state-of-the-art welding workshop.

Our Company’s DNA is simple, yet wonderful.  We will lead the waste disposal services and recycling industry in Israel, with a different marketing approach, where service and technological innovation create an end-product of the highest possible quality, for the benefit of our customers, service providers, and employees.

This is how we approach every project and every area of operations.  We constantly seek ways to save consumption and provide solutions for the Israeli public wherever we can, to protect the environment, living spaces, and greener ecology.  In the past few years, we have seen the importance of compost increase.  In the past, it was used mainly by environmentalists and gardeners. Today, municipalities, agencies, private companies and especially governments recognize the fact that the use of compost has huge economic benefits:  it reduces waste, emission of greenhouse gases, contamination of groundwater and the need to buy expensive chemical fertilizers. The sale of compost made from waste also saves money that was previously budgeted for waste treatment.

Our clients include: