Company plants:

The Amir Recycling Industries plant at Kfar Kana

In 2001, we initiated construction of a plant for the sorting recycling different kinds of waste. It was a huge plant built under the supervision and monitoring of German green energy company, Doppstadt. It is one of the most efficient plants in the country with the capacity to recycle up to 60% of 14,000 tons of mixed domestic waste, industrial waste, and yard waste, and an even higher percentage of green waste recycling.

The waste sorting and treatment plant in Kiryat Bialik

In 2013, we began a massive upgrade of the waste sorting stations and transfer plant in the Kiryat Bialik Industrial Zone.  OROZ and Amir Recycling Industries collaborated, and within a short time, built one of the most advanced sorting and transit stations, not just in Israel, but in the entire world.  With a recycling percentage of close to 90% in a row of separation plants, innovative equipment, and smart streamlining solutions at specialized end-plants, we have succeeded in implementing what is we consider to be Israeli and with a small quality staff, we are achieving optimal results.

The Compost 2000 treatment and recycling plant

In 2013, the company won a tender for the rehabilitation, upgrading, and rebuilding of the Compost 2000 plant.  Today, the Compost 2000 plant is undergoing improvement, renovation, and advanced upgrades of its infrastructures to the highest technological operational level.  A plant, which is designed to treat 1,000 tons of waste a day from the metropolitan Haifa and towns in the western Galilee and to give back to the environment far more than what it lost from the current disposal of waste into regional landfills.