OROZ company

OROZ company, which provides with garbage disposal services, was founded by Ori Zepora in year 1973. The business strategy during that period of time was still forming in dark, but one thing was absolutely clear since day one: Ori Zepora's vision.
Identified as a Zionist and a man of heart, he spotted certain insufficiencies in all related with the ecological services Israel has to offer to its civilians, in relation to other Western nations, and thus settled in his mind the mission to bring true and essential change in all regarding municipal garbage disposal, keeping a clean ecological environment, influencing awareness in regards to the recycling vitality – which was barely acknowledged in that period of time, and establishing new facilities which will assist applying the vision of leading garbage disposal and recycling in Israel using a new marketing approach into the pinnacle of service quality and technological innovation for the good and ease of the company's clients, and therefore – the satisfaction of its' workers. And just like the Passover tale of the exodus, this vision has travelled through the generations: Chief Executives to Managers, Consultants to Logisticians and to the last of the Employees in field, for already over four decades.
Today, thank to strict determination and rich experience gained throughout the active years, the company has developed an expertise supplying with broad solutions dealing garbage disposal challenges, beginning with collecting it in the city streets and corners, through treating it with the company's facilities and lastly – the making of compost.
The entire process is made possible thanks to: a proven and trusted crew, smart and efficient management, a fleet of trucks and the most advanced and efficient technological equipment available in Israel, developing and purchasing of technological information in Israel and abroad, professional studies which the executives and managers use to perfect every aspect in the company's activity at all times, an outstandingly large number of strategic clients with significant seniority, and most importantly – uncompromising devotion to the company's morals and vision.
Throughout the activity of Oroz and as part of its evolvement, Mr. Eli Zepora has founded the "Amir Recycling Industries" – A subsidiary to Oroz which specializes in innovative technological solutions in all regards to the recycling industry's challenges in Israel. Amir is credited first for developing both of the company's efficiency, and second, for their high quality human responsiveness, both in an ever evolving and improving process, guided by the IZO9000 standard.
Amir Recycling Industries' contribution is essential to keeping the environment clean, preventing public garbage disposal, the pollution of groundwater, and the pollution of air as the consequence of garbage burning.
This crucial streamlining created numerous clear routes in which the two companies align, expert and thus capable of providing the best solutions in terms of both the quality of service and in the positivity of the experience of the process itself and the end result.
The current main activities are as following: collecting and disposing garbage, establishing designated facilities intended to receiving and sorting garbage, establishing recycling and compost creation facilities, establishment of logistic and professional arrays serving with the creation of temporary facilities, trucks, special metal projects and Infrastructure development.
"Oroz solutions and services for garbage disposal" serves many authorities and large companies.
Amongst: Regional Council Lower Galil, Kfar Tavor, Karmiel, Regional Council Misgav, Regional Council Emek Hamaayanot, Mitzpe Hoshaaya, Regional Council Emek Izrael, Regional Council Matte Asher, Ramat-Yishay, Nazeret, Naharia, Nesher, Akko, Rechasim, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Biyalik, Binyamina, Shlomi, Kfar poriah ilit, Beit Jan, Shfaram, The Technion, KAKAL, Ministry of Defence and many many others.