Removal of waste and domestic waste containers

Hooklift truck services and waste removal containers
The OROZ compacting services include placement, removal, and disposal of different types of containers (open, closed, and compactor containers), providing a solution for a range of waste disposal needs, including construction and other kinds of waste.
Waste containers are a major business of the company, and we provide meticulous, efficient, and quality service, where the right container is provided for the customer's needs.

Waste removal and construction waste containers – hooklift trucks.

Waste removal containers - construction, industrial, domestic, asbestos, green waste removal, wet waste and mixed waste
Waste removal is carried out by a variety of containers customized to the different types of waste and using a fleet of trucks in a range of sizes for the different uses.  We have available a range of customized waste containers for your use, and an option for special customization, such as the addition of funnels, stoppers, and drains, based on the specifications of the customer.

  • 6-12 cu.m. closed - mainly used for private businesses for the removal of industrial and domestic waste
  • 8-12 cu.m. - mainly used for private businesses for removal of construction waste and rubble
  • 16 cu.m. - for non-organic waste removal
  • 24 cu.m. open - containers for removal of industrial from factories and the loading of green waste
  • 40 cu.m. open - for moving waste from transfer stations to recycling or landfills
  • Compactor – a closed container with an electrical hydraulic compactor to reduce the volume and decrease transported quantities.  Compactors are available in 12-24 cu.m. sizes and are mainly used by large businesses and markets.